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Dove Release
Since ancient times white doves have been regarded as a symbol of love, peace, and purity of heart. As few as two or as many as 40 can be released from beautiful white wicker baskets. Starts at $100.00.

Butterfly Release
Elegant and incredible. Legend holds that when you make a wish and release a butterfly your wish will come true. This is a glorious sight of winged enchantment. Its great on video. Starts at $100.00.

Why not arrive and depart in style. Our Limousines are 7 passenger, white, late-model Lincolns and Cadillacs equipped with every amenity. A red carpet is physically rolled out for every client! Our drivers always wear a suit or tuxedo.

A Hawaiian Carriage
Arrive in style carried by 4 Hawaiian men in Lava Lavas while the Conch Shell is blowing. Your Carriage will be decorated in lots of greens and flowers and you will make an entrance your guests will never forget.

The Nanny Connection
If you are having a wedding or reception and you have a lot of small children that need supervision this is the web page for you!
Flower Drop
A fabulous and unique addition to your wedding or reception. A down pour of flowers or petals dropped by helicopter. Call for a quote.
Hair and Make-Up Artist
We will arrange for a Hairdresser - Make-Up Artist to come to your Hotel and do your hair and make-up for your wedding day. These beauticians specialize in helping brides with their hair and make-up needs. The fee is approximately $150 to $200. 
Quick Sketch Portrait Artist
A professional artist will draw your caricature or sketch a realistic portrait in less than 8 minutes. This is perfect for a wedding reception . $150.00 per hour. One hour minimum. 

 Gift Basket

Chocolate covered strawberries, 2 toasting glasses and a bottle of whatever the couple might like to drink. This will add romance to any occasion!

$95.00 plus delivery!

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