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Basic Wedding Plan

"Once in a while right in the middle
of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale"
(author unknown)


At Romantic Maui Weddings we have put together the things that we feel every Maui Wedding should include. We call this our Basic Wedding Plan. In addition to the Basic Wedding Plan we hope you will want to add a photography and video package. We like to let couples tailor their own wedding so we do not package everything together. In our information there are many different photo or video packages to choose from. The Basic Wedding Plan is where you would start. This does include our services for making your arrangements.

 The Basic Wedding Plan for 25 or more people includes:

The Ministers Fee (we will choose one of our favorites or any denomination you prefer)
Help with Venue Selection (based on where you are staying and what you prefer)
A Licensing Appointment (soon after you arrive)
A meeting with us shortly after you arrive to make sure your wedding plans are perfect
Two Tuberose Leis (for a lei exchange normally included in the wedding ceremony)
A Decorative Wedding Certificate (suitable for framing and shown above)
Our Team will be onsite to make sure everything is perfect (2 hours of coverage)
Our Wedding Consulting Fees (we will be here for you to rely on)
A "Just Mauied" Bumper Sticker
We will make arrangements for your permit if you are planning to use a beach location.

 All this for $599

You can get our information NOW! If you have a printer you may want to print
out our Maui Wedding Information Broshure.

Vow Renewal

A Vow Renewal is the same as the wedding above. The only difference is that you will not need a license and we will include a Vow Renewal Certificate in place of the Wedding Certificate.

If you would like to have a Minister only, we will arrange to have one of our favorites meet you at a location of your choice at an appointed time. Price is $225 plus tax. This would only be available if you are using private property. If you need our advice on a location and time the price is $300.00. If you will be using a public beach a permit will be required and that means you have to start with the Basic Wedding Plan or file for your own permit with the Dept of Land and Natural Resources. The person that files for the permit has to be present at the wedding.


Something to think about!

The bride white of hair stoops over her cane.
Her footsteps uncertain need guiding
While down the church aisle with a wan-toothless smile
The groom in a wheelchair comes riding.

Now who is this elderly couple thus wed?
You'll find when you closely explore it
That here is the rare, most conservative pair
Who waited 'til they could afford it!

- Original Source Unknown
Great information on Vow Renewals!


We no longer do the engraved glasses here on Maui but you are welcomed to bring your own!


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