A Romantic Maui Wedding
Pamper Package!

Spend your entire day getting ready for the big moment! Let it be a complete day of luxury and spoiling yourself! We recommend any nail appointments be done the day prior to your wedding and definitely do not have a facial after you arrive. You do not want any marks on your face for your photos.If you do not want him to see you before wedding time this is the perfect way to accomplish that. Just send him off to play golf all day while you get ready with our team of specialists. If you would prefer, you can both be there together.

Start with a massage in your room. Relax for a few and then have some lunch. Relax for a few more and then off to the shower. Next, the Beautician will take over and apply your make-up and do your hair just the way you want it for your special day. This is your day! Then you can just slip into your dress and get ready to make your grand entrance!

You can take in a little sun, but not too much as we do not want you red for your wedding photos.

The perfect way to spend the day in peace and tranquillity! There is no better way to enjoy a massage than in a private outdoor setting with the sound of the waves putting you into a complete state of relaxation.

You will forget all of your cares and worries for the day and just treat yourself to a little time in Paradise.

Have a pamper party and bring attendants with you as a present!


The best massage you will ever experience! Here in Hawaii they do a lot of deep tissue or Lomi Lomi massage. There is nothing like it! If you reserve early
you will be able to get the best!

$95.00 per hour per person

You may enjoy a massage or having hair and makeup done in your Hotel room, a salon or at a private home. There are Spas here that will do a complete pamper package as well. If you want to treat all the girls or just yourself to a total day of fun and beauty. Let us know and we will make an appointment for you!

 Hair and Make-Up In Your Room

Our Beauticians specialize in Brides! Bring a photo of what you want and they can duplicate it or just let them create something appropriate! They know their stuff! No need to worry about how you will look on your special day. Just leave it to the experts. They will be happy to help you with a veil or hair flowers. If you will be wearing a gown our advice is to do your hair up! It can be breezy on the beach and it goes better with formal wear. Having your Hair and Makeup done is not only a luxury for you but a necessity for great photos.


Brides Hair and Makeup $165
For each additional person in the wedding party
it will be $165 as well.

Hair only will be $125
Makeup Only - $95
(does not include False Eyelashes which would be $25)

Be sure to reserve this early to get the Best!

 Manicure and Pedicure
We ask our brides to make their own nail appointments due to the fact that the manicurist needs to know a lot of specific information. Below are the shops we recommend! 

On the West side call:
On the South Side call:


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