Maui Wedding Cakes
for your
Romantic Maui Wedding Reception!
Pricing Guidelines for a small, simple beach wedding or reception cakes!
This price includes delivery and table service
when we are planning your wedding.




 6 inch

 8 to 10


 8 inch

12 to14


 10 inch



 12 inch



 14 inch



 1/2 sheet (back-up servings)

 40 to 50


 Full sheet cake

 90 to 100


One Dozen Cup Cakes 

  12 people

 Any larger than 16" Quote Req.  

 Quote Required

Maui Cake Information
The above cakes have smooth Butter Cream icing, a simple border and are decorated with fresh flowers. You can send a cake topper to add if you wish. Please be sure to let us know the flavor of cake and the type filling you would like. Cupcakes are also available and are very popular these days. We do not charge for table service or delivery if we are planning your wedding. Fresh flower decoration to match your bouquet is included on the 6 and 8 inch cakes only. We do have to charge for flower toppings on the larger cakes.

Custom Maui Wedding Cakes
Quotes Needed
To the right you see a wedding cake done by a custom cake decorator. It has Chocolate Shells on it so it is all edible. Custom cakes are a little more expensive but you are able to get the design of your choice. We will need to know what kind of cake you want and what type of fillings. The cake will have to be delivered to the Wedding or Reception site and there is a fee for the delivery as well. Just call us for a quote. Serving of the cake is only included if we are planning your wedding.

This cake has Marzapan icing!
It is embelished with
Catalaya Orchids
We normally decorate our wedding cakes here on Maui with fresh flowers to match the wedding flowers but you may also bring a cake topper if you have a favorite one. We use the traditional white buttercream or even chocolate icing. At private homes we can do whipped cream icing as there is a refrigerator available to keep the cake cool.The cakes come in all kinds of flavors. You can have a white, chocolate, spice, carrot or even cheesecake. Many fillings are available such as fresh strawberries, fresh raspberries, pineapple, mango (in season), chocolate custard, coconut custard, bannana custard and macadamia nut custard. The custom bakers that we will recommend make a cake that tastes as good as it looks, but please remember that their price does not include the table, tablecloth, plates, forks, cake knife or service to the guests. We will have to give you a quote on this type of service for larger weddings.

This is a 2 tier with pillars.
It has white buttercream icing.


Look closely at their noses!
We often get a photo like this right after the cake cutting! They were nice to each other!
These two cakes are iced with Rolled Fondant and have to be special ordered.


This shows you how creative some people are! One of our bride's Moms
made this cake topper for her. We think it is the cutest!


You can purchase this wedding cake topper by clicking on this link to You Top The Cake. We think it is really cute for a wedding in Maui! Be sure to bookmark our page so you can come right back.

Additional Cake Information

The number of people attending would determine the size of wedding cake you would need. The fresh flower top is included in the 6 and 8 inch price but on the larger cakes the baker will have to apply the flowers or topper. Please try to match your wedding flowers if possible.

When your Maui wedding or reception is planned at a hotel, all catering and wedding cakes must be ordered from their catering department. In most cases this is a little more costly. We can not do a cake with whipped cream icing at a public beach. It is too hot and it melts. At the beach we only do buttercream.

If you are planning your dinner reception at a restaurant you will need to know that most restaurants have a fee for serving the wedding cake. Usually it is $3.00 to $7.00 per person. Some restaurants like Gannon's and The Plantation House will not accept outside cakes anymore. If you order your cake from them you will not get the traditional cake cutting photos because the wedding cake will not be available for the photographer to shoot unless you make the arrangements for this.

If you really want to have the photos of the two of you serving each other a piece of cake, we recommend just a small 6" cake for this purpose. That is the smallest wedding cake we can do.

For all custom or larger wedding cakes the baker will add a delivery fee and Hawaii General Excise Tax. will be added. If you order your own cake you will be responsible for payment to the cake supplier yourself. With larger weddings and reception cakes, we will add a service fee of $1.00 per person. If you purchase your own wedding cake and have it delivered be sure there is refrigeration and you will need table service. We do have that available at a cost of $50.

Dolphin Heart Ice Sculpture


 Chocolate Covered Stawberries are another popular item for receptions! The Bride and Groom Strawberries are $4.00 each for under 50 and $3.50 each for over 50.
Minimum Order is 24.
Plain Chocolate Covered
are $2.00 each
$10 delivery charge will also apply.


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