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If you want something private or semi private just let us know! You can rent private homes here that are right on the ocean and some locations are on the Mountain side and have great ocean views. This is a wonderful way to have privacy at an affordable price. You will need at least 2 to 3 hours for the wedding and photography depending on the size of your group. Then maybe an additional 2 to 4 hours for the reception. The most expensive part of a reception is the bar. You can keep costs down by limiting what you serve. When using private locations you will have two options. you can purchase your own alcohol or have a licensed barteder that will do it for you for a price. A Bartender can provide the ice, cups and mixers for you. When using a Hotel for your reception, all food and berverages must be purchased through them. Using a resort verses a private home means you will pay 3 times as much for your food and beverages. We can have our catering manager call you to help you plan your menu for a private reception.

We can arrange for a Band or DJ or you can bring your own music and rent the Ipod speaker system. Any style of music is available. From a single guitarist or harp to a rock and roll or ballroom type band. We even have Karaoke available if there are any singers in the group. Whatever menu or theme you desire is available. A small private Luau can be arranged. This would include a Luau menu and a private Hula Show with musicians and dancers. A very fun thing to do is to have a hula lesson taught to all who will participate.

For groups under 25, it is sometimes more practical to use a restaurant for your reception. There are a few that are more suitable than others.We do have a few private locations that are not too expensive and once we know your needs we can help you find the right place. For more detailed information on small private parties just give us a call at 800 808-4144 and let us know what your needs are. At most of these locations you save on rentals as there is usually enough furniture available.

The keyword is flexibility. We will arrange whatever you desire. This is your day and it should be the way you want it. Once we start planning we will be happy to have our catering specialists give you a call. Let us know your budget and we will make suggestions to help guide you. We want to be sure you get the best available for your special day at an affordable price. We can do small parties at the beach but keep in mind there has to be appropriate parking available and that after dark the bathroom facilities are locked. Another great idea is, if you are staying in a condominium they usually have guest facilities that can be used with permission. Most are free to use and some have just a cleaning fee.

If we are planning your wedding and you have less than 75 guests, our fee for planning a private reception is $500.00. If you just want our help to plan the reception only, our fee is $800. We also charge $75.00 per hour to be on site at the reception and this is a requirement at any private home. This does include the set up and breakdown of all rentals. We do require a $500 non-refundable deposit to begin planning a private catered reception. 50% of the total balance will be due 30 days prior to your arrival. These payments must be by check. For restaurant receptions a credit card deposit is all you need.

Some restaurants have areas that they use for wedding receptions and some you can even buy out for the evening. If you have 75 to 100 people this is usually affordable. It is also a good option to have a coordinator for a least the first 2 hours of a hotel reception as well. You need someone there to make sure everything goes smoothly and to announce your Best Man's Toast and your First Dance. Usually 2 hours of coverage is enough. The fee for this is $100 per hour.

When you use a Restaurant for your reception, we can arrange for table centerpieces to match your wedding flowers. You might also want to consider having the Photographer or Videographer be there for the action part of the reception as well. Our Photographers will do the reception time for $150 per extra hour of coverage if you have a large enough photo package. Some restaurants we use for receptions do allow us to bring in DJs and even live musicians or a Hula Show.

For larger weddings and receptions with more than 75 guests, we will require a non refundable deposit of $1000 and our fee will be a service charge of 15% added on to the entire cost of the wedding and reception. 50% of the charges will be due 3 months in advance of your wedding date. The entire balance will be due 30 days prior to your wedding date. For groups with a lot of small children attending we recommend a babysitter. You will need someone at the reception to keep an eye on the children. We have found that when guests begin to drink they sometimes forget their responsibilities. With the ocean so close by most locations, the last thing we want is for anyone to be hurt! We will be happy to refer you to someone!

We would just like to add at this point that it is always wise to plan your reception close to where you are staying. Especially if there is going to be a bar and people will be drinking. We want you to make it home safely and we will not allow anyone that has had to much to drink, to drive.

Please keep in mind that not all weddings have to be at sunset. You can keep your costs down by doing a morning wedding and a Brunch instead of a dinner. Photography is beautiful in the morning and some of the private places are less expensive in the morning. If you have any questions just give us a call!

Click here to see some of our favorite and most often used reception locations!

To the right you see a table setting for approximately 16 people! If you have a small group this is a great way for everyone to sit together. This is the type of wooden chairs we usually use for weddings and receptions.


Live Bands and Hula Dancers are available for your reception!
$175 per musician and dancer per hour!

Hula Lessons - A great time will be had by all!
See our Luau Reception Menu!

  Ipod Speaker System Now Avaialvable!
Price: $125 (for receptions only)
Microphone is included.

Bring your own CDs, MP3 or Ipod music with all your favorite tunes and just plug in!

DJs with party lighting - $150 to $200 per hour!

Karaoke Services are now available for your Reception as well!
Music appropriate for a wedding reception as well as a motivator
to get the crowd up and singing

Price: $150 per hour

Microphone and Amplifier also available if you just want it for the toasts
and any announcements.
Price: $50
With MC services $150

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Dolphin Heart Ice Sculpture

Just let us know what you desire and we will make sure you have a wonderful time!

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