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Your Romantic Maui Wedding and Recption

maui music image - Romantic Maui Music - Maui Hawaii Wedding

 The Harp

Often our couples will include music for their wedding ceremony. The Harp will add a lot of class to any wedding, anywhere and it is easily transported to any location. We have a very talented Harpist that even sings while she plays. If you reserve early you
may be able to have her.

Fee: $175.00 for a wedding
$175.00 per hour for a reception

maui wedding image - Romantic Maui Weddings - Maui Hawaii Wedding

  The Harp and the Flute
This is a great combination for a wedding or reception. If your budget allows a string quartet is also wonderful in a garden setting. Click on the left photo to see an enlargement!

maui music image - Romantic Maui Music - Maui Hawaii Wedding 


 Violin or Cello

This is also a classy touch!

Fee: $175.00 for a wedding
$175.00 per hour for a reception


  Guitar or Ukulele

A professional musician will play the guitar and sing 3 or 4 songs during your ceremony.
The Hawaiian Wedding Song is a favorite!

Fee: $150.00 for a wedding




Yes folks, we even had a Bagpiper at a few of our weddings. This particular wedding was that of a Fireman!

Fee: $250.00

A Hawaiian Procession
 The Conch Shell Blower
The conch shell blower starts and ends the wedding procession.
It adds a nice Hawaiian touch.

This is a great photo!


  The Hula

Often our couples like to add a Hula Dancer to their wedding. She will usually dance to 2 songs.



Torch Bearers

The Torch Bearers lead the bridal party in and then stand on each end of the wedding party through the ceremony. It is best to have two. If you do they will often include the Conch Shell at no extra fee.

$100.00 each


The Fireknife

This is a great finale for a Luau Reception. It is short because it can only last as long as the fuel lasts but your guests and you will remember this for a lifetime. It is very exciting. The Fireknife does include a live drummer and is $450.





The Kahili was used for Royalty in old Hawaii. They are very colorful. They are made with many feathers. These are perfect for the beach where we can no longer use fire torches.

$100.00 each


Reception Music Options
Of course live music is always the best and Maui has many very talented mucisians. Each musician for a reception is $150 per hour. So if you have a trio it would be $450 per hour. Add another $150 for a sound system which is needed if you have a larger group. But, if you are on a budget there are lots of different ways to accomplish the ultimate goal of having good music and fun!

  Ipod Speaker System Now Availvable!
Price: $200 (for receptions only)

Bring your own Ipod with all your favorite tunes and just plug in!

 DJ services - From $250 per hour. Includes strobe lights.
Karaoke is now available for your Reception!
This includes
music appropriate for a wedding reception as well as a motivator to get the crowd up and singing.
Price: $200 per hour

Most reception musicians require a sound system at a charge of $150 in addition to their fee. In some cases this can make a musician sound like a full on band. If you reserve early enough we can get you the best!
A sound system is very necessary with groups over 25!

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