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If you are coming to Maui to be married, you might like to have a Hawaiian minister perform your ceremony. We have worked with all of the ministers since 1988 and we definitely have our favorites.

It is difficult when you are coming from so far a way and just meeting the person that is going to perform your marriage ceremony right before your wedding. The ministers we use will make you feel very comfortable right away. You will feel like you have known them for a long time.

Of course we will accommodate you if you have a preference. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will know who is right for you. There are literally hundreds to choose from. At this time there is a Rabbi on Maui. If he is not available, one can be flown in from Oahu or the Big Island if needed. There are a few people here on Maui that do a beautiful Jewish ceremony but are not Rabbis. The Catholic Priests will not do a wedding ceremony out of the church but often we do the wedding in the church and then change locations for some beach photos. Just let us know if you wish to have a Catholic service and we will send you the information that you will need. We also have ministers that speak Japanese and Spanish.

Availability is an important aspect to consider also. If you are very particular you will want to reserve early. If you are flexible on date and time of your wedding, we can usually arrange for the minister of your choice.

Most ministers or officiates have at least 2 to 3 ceremonies. A religious, a non-religious and a vow renewal ceremony. Some are more spiritually oriented than others. The word obey is never used in any of them (so do not worry). After we have reserved your minister we can give you access to the ministers ceremonies if you would like to see them. If there is anything you wish to add or delete, all of our ministers will be happy to accommodate you. We do not suggest that you give them a completely different ceremony than they normally do as they will then have to just read it. We like the ceremony to come from their hearts. This is much easier to accomplish when they are familiar with it!

In most cases the Hawaiian ministers can blow the Conch Shell. Some do charge a little extra for this service.

 maui minister

 Here is Wainani!

Wainani is the very essence of Hawaii! She is a very beautiful addition to any wedding.She will add a Hawaiian flair to your ceremony and do it with class. Wainani is also an accomplished Hula Dancer. Wainani will only do weddings on the West side of Maui.

 maui minister

Reverend Iokepa (Joe)

Joe has lived on Maui for 30 years and is the father of three that are all grown now. He is also a Musician and he can blow the Conch Shell for you. He has a very soothing soft style that we just love and he does a very sincere ceremony.

 maui minister

maui minister

  Meet Laki!

Laki does a very meaningful ceremony straight from the heart with a lot of Hawaiian flair!

 This is Jerry!

Besids being a great minister he is an accomplished actor and singer as well.




Kamuela was born in Maui and he is full of the Aloha Spirit! His ceremony does come straight from his heart!


Lisa has lived on Maui for many years. She is an accomplished musician and singer and loves doing wedding ceremonies as well.

maui minister


Obviously, I am not Hawaiian but I have arranged over 7000 weddings over the years so it seems only natural that my passion and love for romance would evolve to my becoming a licensed marriage officiate. I have been performing ceremonies since 2001 and I really enjoy helping couples make the commitment that will begin their journey through life together.

We are happy to let couples add their own special touches and if you would like to say something special to each other we will be happy to have you do so.We also perform Vow Renewals and Commitment Ceremonies as well. If you have children that are joining the new family it is always nice to include them in the ceremony.

If you have already made your own wedding or vow renewal plans but you still need a minister to officiate, we will be happy to reserve a minister for you. Our price for a minister is only $225.00. You will need to know where and when you need the minister to appear before calling us to reserve one. If you want our help to choose a location and time and send you a map to the location we charge an additional $100. When we get involved with any further planning we do have to charge for the Basic Wedding Plan which is $599.00 and does include the minister. We can only reserve just a minister for you if you are not getting married on a beach. Beach weddings now require a permit which you can obtained through the State of Hawaii. We do not recommend you use the beach without a permit as there is a pretty hefty fine from $5000 to $10,000. Please do not call us for a permit only. We only arrange permits for couple whose weddings we are planning. The best thing to do is call us and let us know exactly what you do need and we will be happy to try to help! The person that applies for the permit does need to be present with the permit.

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